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Civil war and the Umayyads
From the death of the Prophet to the end of the Ummayad Dynasty (661-750 CE). By Richard Hooker [World Cultures website]

Towards a history of Aleppo and Damascus in the early Middle Ages (635-1260 CE)
by Professor R. Stephen Humphreys, University of California at Santa Barbara. (Lecture at the University of Kyoto, 29 October 1997)

Chronology of Muslims in Europe (711-1790)

Islamic Texts Society

Islamic Spain
This website, by Dr A Zahoor, deals comprehensively with one of the greatest periods of Islamic civilisation. Written from a Muslim viewpoint, it traces the many contributions and influences which led to the Renaissance in Europe. It includes quotations from various authors.

The legacy of al-Andulus
A travel guide to the Islamic sites of Spain (mainly in Spanish)

History of the Crusades
Probably the best introduction to the Crusades is this on-line course developed by Dr E L Skip Knox at Boise State University

A brief account of the Crusades
Other Crusades and topics

Muslim responses to the crusades
Robert Irwin on how Islam saw the Christian invaders (History Today, April 1997)

The Assassins
by Philip K. Hitti. From: "The Book of Grass: An Anthology on Indian Hemp", edited by George Andrews and Simon Vinkenoog.

The Fall of Constantinople 1453
A Greek view by Dionysios Hatzopoulos, Professor of Classical and Byzantine Studies, Dawson College, Montreal.

The Liberation/Fall of Constantinople 1453
A Muslim view by Muhammad El-Halaby

Islamic law and Western imperialism
Jane F. Collier examines the historical processes that constructed a cultural opposition between the supposed rule of law in the West and imagined religious fanaticism in the East. From Law & Society Review 28.2 (1994).

Declaration Between the United Kingdom and France Respecting Egypt and Morocco
April 8, 1904

The Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916)

Influence As Power
by Rich Stiller. An online book about Lawrence

Salaam Site for Muslim

About Islam and Muslims

Land of Islam

MIT Arab Students

Muslim Woman Home page

Arab Woman Home page


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