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Standard Advertising Prices:

You have a choice of the following (Page / Visibility) rates


Type / Location

 $ / Per month  $ / Per Quarter

$ / Per Year

Arabji Home Page

 2,000 5,000  15,000

Hot & Special Events Arab Pages

 1,000 2,500 8,000

Country Home Page

  500 1,000   5,000

Any Other Page

100 250 750

Please Note:  

  • Standard banner size =
    Pixels: W= 90   x H = 90 or less
    Or:       W= 200 x H = 40 or less

  • For a double banner size the multiply rate by 2

  • Button (no animation) rate is 30% less than Banner rate

  • Banner or Button design is NOT included in price in case banner or button are not available there will be an extra charge of $100 for banner and $50 for button design

  • Online Media Reserves the right to change the prices without previous notice. 

  • No Adult, illegal or unethical advertising is allowed. Online Media reserve the right to accept or reject any advertisement request. 


Technical Specifications

Banner Properties:

  • Pixels: W= 90 x H = 90 or less
    Or = W= 200 x H = 40 or less

  • Color: 256 or less

  • Size:  10K, or less

  • Format: GIF JPEG, or GIF 89a, 

  • Animation Sequence: Completed in 10 seconds or less (Advisable).

Note: Banners / Buttons exceeding the size, can be resized by Arabji.Com

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