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Defense spending in the Middle East

Model League of Arab States

The Unofficial Hamas Website

LingNet Arabic Page

Do Not Bomb Iraq
The Committee on the Middle East.

Mid-East Realities
Aims to present independent information and analysis about what is really happening in today's Middle East and in Washington about the Middle East.

Arab-Israeli Wars
History of the conflicts that began with Israel's independence in 1948. Presented by the Home of History: Palestine.

Middle East Forum
Open to everyone who is interested in discussing the history and politics of countries in the Middle East.

Covers developments in the ongoing peace process.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)
A non-partisan and non-profit media watchdog group which focuses on coverage of Israel and the Middle East.

Middle East Security Report
A weekly review of defence and security information concerning Arab League countries, Iran, Israel and Turkey.

Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies
An independent center for the study of middle east politics and strategic issues.

American Committee on Jerusalem, The
A non-profit organization dedicated to providing the American public and policy-makers with a balanced view-point on the critical issue of Jerusalem by promoting educational activities and materials.

Islamic Research Academy -
An international platform for the discussion of issues relating to Islamic Jerusalem. Aims to advance Islamic education, studies and research.

UN Information System on the Question of Palestine. A vast collection of documents since 1946.

UN Security Council Resolutions Relating to the Middle East
Yale University

A database on European-Arab relations produced by the European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation with support from the EU Commission

Center for Middle Eastern Studies
University of Texas. A good and varied collection of links.

International Boundaries Reseach Unit
University of Durham. Includes a searchable database listing news reports relating to border issues.

CIA WorldBook of Facts (1995) (maps, brief history, statistics. The most extensive of these.)
The African Conflict Journal (ACJ) is an online community providing information to understand, resolve and ultimately prevent conflict in Africa. The site features news, forums, country reports and academic resources.



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