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Fairouz  on AlMashriq

UAE singer.  

Marcel Khalife on World Music

Marcel  Khalife on AlJadid

Songs from Back Home

Rabih El-Khawli

Arabic MIDI Page

Arabic Jukebox Music of Lebanon
Provides selection of Arabic artists and downloadable songs.

Providing a mail order distributor of Arabic music CDs from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and other countries.

Andaloucia Band
A music band plays Chaabi, rai, and berber.

Umm Kulthoum
Her life story

(M. R. Fung)

Her website

Hafez, Abdel Halim
Arabic artist from 50's Egypt.

El Atrache, Farid (?-1974)
A Syrian and Egyptian composer, lute player, singer, and movie star.

Kulthum, Um (1904?-1975)
Known as "The Star of the East" and "The Diva of Arabic Song."

Suite 101: Umm Kalthoum
Provides background on the legendary voice of the Arab world.

Umm Kulthum, A Voice Like Egypt
Provides information on the 1996 film directed by Michal Goldman.

Amr Diab On-line

Music of Lebanon



Iraqi Music   


Arabic Wave Network   

Music Master


Arabic MP3  

Islamic ruling on music and singing - 
a Salafi/Wahhabi view

Music and singing in light of the Qur'an and Sunnah  - 
by Abu Bilal Mustafa al-Kanadi

Vocal dhikr
Dhikr (literally, "remembrance") is the chanted repetition of a short phrase - in this case La ilaha ill Allah ("There is no god but God").

Introduction and background
by Rod Skilbeck

Sound samples
from Raicom

More links
to Ra'i sound samples

Libyan music

Sudanese music in the diaspora
Music and songs from Sudanese musicians based in the United States and Canada


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