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International Institute of Management IIM USA - Executive Education and Development
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GDP (national)
of Arab and Mediterranean countries

GDP (per capita)
of Arab and Mediterranean countries

Gross National Development (GND
Economic Development Policy Proposal

Islamic banks - how they work

Arab Monetary Fund

Etrask's HERE
Etrask's pan-European site is targeted to small and medium-sized companies that need professional business advisers. We are a pan-European exchange targeting those businesses operating in Europe (particularly UK and The Netherlands) and those businesses seeking to expand into Europe (i.e. US companies coming to Europe). Our site provides an auction platform where businesses can purchase professional services online. The site provides lots of other content as well, including Ask the Expert, business cases and forums. 

World Bank.

Part 1: Arab common market and the possibility of realisation - 10 May 99

International Monetary Fund

World Bank credits in the Middle East and North Africa

World Bank Annual Report 1998:

World Bank regional reports (including some in Arabic)

Management and Technology Consulting Group
A research and consulting firm specializing in ICT applications in Economic Development

Links with the world
The World Bank and the Arab states of the Gulf

Arab Gulf Program of the UN Development Organisation
This is a regional institution which aims to achieve sustainable   development and targets the neediest groups, particularly women and children in developing countries.    

D-8 (the Developing Eight)

Mediterranean Development Forum II
The programme for this ground-breaking conference held in Marrakech, in September 1998, contains much useful information. See also World Bank's report on the conference.

Claiming the future
A vision for a prosperous Middle East and North Africa [World Bank]

Water: scarcity to security
Averting a water crisis in the Middle East and North Africa [World Bank]

Environment overview
by J B Collier and Sherif Arif [World Bank]

West Bank and Gaza
Recent economic developments - second quarter, 1998

USAID programmes
Egypt; Israel; Jordan; Lebanon; Morocco; West Bank and Gaza; Yemen
Online business - community for the Middle East and North Africa
The largest Used Cars Website in the the Middle East. 
Choose from 1000's of Cars of all Makes, Models and budgets. 
Site updated every hour




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